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Copywriting is salesmanship in print.
Or as I like to put it – the words on the page that get people to do what you want.
And you need to say it to them more than once in multiple forms of media.

“I’ve been growing this marketing company for over 10 years. When my brother-in-law asked my wife what she thought my company did she said, “Facebook and podcasts.” All those hours of talking about work, and that’s all she remembered. So if 10+ years of telling my wife wasn’t enough, do you really think you can send your prospects one boring brochure or e-newsletter and think they will get it?” – Seth Greene

So how do you write great copy?

You do what I did:
Read every book you can find.
Buy every course.
Go to every event.
Invest 10,000 hours becoming world class.
Hire the best to write for you and ask them questions.

What should you expect?

Depending on what you already have it may take 30-90 days to get it done right. What you end up with is the words that will compel your prospects to act. How much is that worth to your business? Priceless.

What do you do with those words?

Don’t just send them on paper, send them….