Why do you need a book?
Other than social media apps (and the podcast apps) the most used smart phone app is Amazon / Kindle.
When was the last time someone asked you for an autograph? They will if you do a book signing!

Authors are celebrities in our society.

But who has time to write?

The distance between your head and your mouth is a lot shorter than from your head to your hand. Don’t write your book, interview it!

Even better take your podcast episodes, transcribe those and edit them and turn them into your book! Now you don’t even need to talk anything extra!

What should you expect?

It takes about 15-20 podcast episodes to make a book.
You need an introduction to your book, a forward, a conclusion and of course, a few chapters about you and how fabulous you are.
Then you need the graphic design, layout and publishing.
Then you need a marketing campaign – on Kindle first, then for the physical book to sell copies.

A book is the ultimate business card. It positions you as an expert, gets you industry recognition, and gets you clients and speaking engagements (if you want them).

We create your book for you

Book research, concept, name, description, and cover art – all done for you!
We get you the BIGGEST guests who are best positioned to promote your business to your ideal customers!
We transcribe, edit, and layout every episode for your book!
We take care of all the details, from start to finish – so you could even do your book from a beach (no laptop needed, just a phone)!

Check out the amazing results our clients are getting below:
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“I teach business owners how to get publicity and exposure for their businesses. My book has taken my business to another level. I am telling all my PR clients that they need a Book Done for Them!”
Jill Lublin, Jill Lublin
“My book has gotten me in front of 10 impossible to reach large company CEO’s that I never could have gotten to or built relationships with on my own. Thanks Seth!”
Gary Occhino, Gary Occhino Golf

“The team at Market Domination have been so great to work with! From coaching me throughout the writing process, to helping me find the right people to talk to, to editing, choosing the title and cover and finally publishing my book and then making sure the orders are fulfilled. They are an A+ crew. They helped me get 2 books out in a year. Very impressive. If you are looking to write a book to set yourself apart from your competition, Seth Greene and the Market Domination team are wonderful to work with.”

Kevin Guttman, Kevin Guttman, M.A.