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These days if you aren’t on social media – do you even have a business? Without it, people might not even know you exist.

What are the networks you must be on, and what are the up and coming hottest networks you need to be on next? Of course, it depends on who your target market is but…

What should you expect?

3 Time New York Time’s Best-Selling Author and founder of the fastest growing ad agency in history, Gary Vaynerchuck charges his social media clients $80,000 a month and tells them not to expect any results for the first three months.

You don’t have to spend $80,000 a month. He is right in that results can take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your business.

You need fans and followers.
You need fresh, relevant, and engaging daily content.
You need paid advertising to get your content in front to the right people to drive them where you want them to go.

Start with the network with the highest number of your ideal prospects, and grow from there.

What are you going to post on all those networks?

Well, you just recorded a podcast episode, and transcribed it – that’s a youtube video, a blog post, and the blog post can get cut up into chunks for social media!