“One of our clients is in triple net leasing,” SEO agency Ardor CEO Kris Reid said on the Sharkpreneur describing a preferred commercial real estate agreement.

“A client for him is worth like 50 grand. Last month, we got him 88 leads. Good, solid, quality leads.” 

Do we need to add something to explain why SEO is important for business?

SEO is an important part of a winning sales strategy.

Crash Course on SEO

Simply put, SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method to improve the rank of your website.

This moves it further up the list on a search engine, making it more likely to get organic web traffic, meaning someone choosing to click on your real estate website rather than one of your competitors. 

Basically, through keyword research you can train search engines to be more enthusiastic than you are providing the home buyer searching for information with the best answers, thus ranking your website higher and moving it closer to the front page of the search result. 

This type of SEO strategy can be the difference between barely getting by and growing exponentially. By incorporating SEO techniques into the digital footprint of any industry, it creates the competitive edge that a front-page ad in the trade papers would have had in the past.  

Get Expert Help

There are many aspects to comprehending the finer points of SEO, enough to fill a book in fact, which is a great reason to invest in an SEO agency that can guide you through the process. 

By partnering with an SEO expert they can exploit a number of crafty maneuvers for increasing traffic to your website, such as on-page SEO versus off-page, or what the effect of using long-tail keywords are, meaning a longer phrase that is more specific to attract visitors looking for something relating to that distinctive term. 

They can also educate you on SEO strategy, something vital for any real estate agent to understand and utilize in these technologically focused times. 

For example, an SEO expert can show you how to attract thousands of additional visitors to your website by knowing local SEO terminology.

It’s often more impactful to have local citations, such as references to neighborhoods or streets in your locality, rather than simple keyword stuffing your website. There’s a method to maximizing your returns by employing SEO.  

Why does SEO matter?

Other than your SEO efforts making you more competitive, there are a number of other reasons to focus on it. 

Firstly, it’s a more cost-effective marketing strategy than any other offline and most other online methods. 

Second, the effects are more far-reaching, helping to generate a longer-term return on investment. 

Additionally, having optimal placement on the front page of Google searches gives you more prominence in local business circles and generates greater public trust in your company, each of which creates additional brand awareness. In turn, this will initiate more leads.

With SEO enabled, while other websites that are your direct competition are stuck on the back pages that the buyer may never even see, you could already be signing over another deed and collecting your commission.          

Implementing SEO Services

Now that we’ve thought about what SEO is and why SEO is important for Business, how do you get started with it? 

Mind the Keywords

You can’t just fill up your website with a jumble of keywords. This is called keyword stuffing and search engines will actually downgrade your website for such a tactic. There are a number of actions you can take to carry out SEO techniques successfully, but for the best results, you may want to consult with an SEO expert or hire a company that specializes in SEO services.

One way to improve your SEO success is to rank your keywords and then carefully consider their placement on your site. 

For instance, if a keyword is vital to your target audience then you may want to consider including it in your URL. If a keyword is really important, but maybe not crucial or defining of your firm, then you could place it in a page title, an image title, or use it several times on a page of your site. This type of placement allows search engines that aggregate data to pick up on the keyword more easily, thereby associating it with your site when someone searches for that term.

While placing keywords in strategic places may seem fairly intuitive or like an easy concept to grasp, there’s a science to effective implementation, and this is only one of many aspects to getting the most out of SEO strategies. There is a multitude of techniques required to maximize the return on your investment. 

SEO is a Rich Toolset

By doing a Google search you can find SEO tools that claim to offer the most fruitful digital marketing results, however, if you don’t understand how to set it all up and the various complexities of the tools you’re using, you won’t achieve your desired results. 

For example, “one of the secrets to how you rank in Google, is what is called ‘backlinks’,” Reid said on the podcast. 

These are the links that direct traffic back to your site and content, hence the name.

“That’s how Google trusts you because anyone can write any crap they want on the internet, right?” he explained. “How would Google know if it’s true or not?”

The backlinks are a form of confidence currency. Getting them is key to getting trust from the search engine, “and up you go in the rankings,” he said.

This isn’t an easy process, however, and leads to the need for hiring an SEO expert.

Engaging an SEO Expert

Nowadays almost any business has a strong connection with SEO, but it takes an expert to make the most of it. 


An SEO expert will be able to generate prudent market analysis to assess competition in order to optimize your website’s content. They can create content or fully leverage the content you have to get the most from local searches. They can build backlinks and inbound links while also doing SEO audits to find any site weaknesses, which they can then fix, all of which will improve your ranking on search engine result pages, known as SERPs, with the end result being more visits to your site, more quality leads, and ultimately more sales. 

In other words, by investing a little in SEO now, you’ll make a lot more in sales moving forward.

Currently one of the most knowledgeable and effective SEO experts is Ardor SEO

Led by Reid as CEO, Ardor SEO offers comprehensive search optimization services to boost your online presence and increase your sales. Have a look at their website, which gives a lot more information on how they can help.   


If you want to do more than tread water or maintain the status quo, if you’re looking to expand your business and make more sales then you have to keep up with trends in marketing, and currently, that’s in SEO expertise. 

“SEO takes a bit of time, it’s not instant,” Reid said. “But once they start seeing that return on investment, it’s just awesome.”

Therefore, unless you’re an SEO expert you need to find one. It could be the difference between going belly up or becoming a big wig in the market. 

So visit Ardor SEO today, or check out CEO Kris Reid on our latest Sharkpreneur podcast to learn more.    

Tune in to this podcast to understand why SEO is important for business and strategies to maximize business outcomes through online traffic.