The SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene.

Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, one of the original sharks from the hit tv show shark tank, and has generated over 5 billion dollars in TV and digital direct response sales.

Seth Greene is the world’s #1 trusted authority on cutting edge direct response marketing, a best-selling author, the only 3x Marketer of The Year Nominee, and the founder of Market Domination LLC.

It was named #6 on NASDAQ’s list of “Top Podcasts You Must Listen to in 2019”.

On the podcast, Kevin & Seth interview SharkPreneurs who share straight talk on what it takes to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS.

Episode Blogs

Peak Performance: Turning Your Biggest Frustrations Into Success with Nate Lindquist

  Men are wired to have image management. They want to look good in many ways to women and to the world so they cultivate conflict avoidance. What happens is they stack up these frustrations to the point of an emotional level and they’re having all these symptoms. They don't [...]

Personal And Business Development Solutions with Ted Miller

  Proximity is power. That’s what drove Ted Miller III to partner with some of the biggest personalities in the business coaching and training space to provide cutting-edge personal and business development solutions such as CEO training and webinars that sell to help entrepreneurs become true masters of sales success. [...]

Making Wine And Bar Accessories Accessible with John Carter

  Being in the wine and bar space can have a lot of stiff competition. John Carter tries to up his game by selling quality wine, bar, and cheese accessories with free personalization through his website You can easily place your orders and ask them to engrave your company [...]

Working Strategically: Making Better Use Of Your Time with Jay Abraham

  Everybody has the same 24 hours. Some people might have a little better IQ, but it's all about how much better you use your time, your opportunity, your access, your dollars, and your intellectual capital. Jay Abraham of The Abraham Group is a preeminent business executive coach who has [...]

Solving Your Painting Problem The Paint Tray Saver Way with Justin Jolls

  The best innovations are always the ones that solve a problem. Justin Jolls invented the paint tray saver while he was doing some painting at his parents' house. The paint tray saver is a new painting accessory on the market called the paint tray saver, a vacuum sealable paint [...]

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