You’re waiting for something but you’re not sure what. You check your watch. Check it again. Now one more time. It’s not moving. You reach for your phone. What time IS it? It doesn’t show.

An alarm goes off. It’s a clock ticking backward. You reach for that snooze button. “I just need a little more TIME!” But nothing happens. You come to a realization…

Did time just stop? Or did it run out?

Look, we’ve all been late. We’ve all lost track of time when we’re doing something we love. And here at Startup Profits Daily, we love new, fresh investment ventures.

I’ll be honest, I’ve gotten lost in my own distractions before and I always come back to the same question:

Am I using my time effectively?

The world is constantly changing. How do we keep up? How do we stay on track and not mismanage our time?

Your time is valuable.

So if you want to have an effective startup, then you MUST learn how to use your time to YOUR advantage.

If you are one of those people who struggles with time management, then that’s a major problem.

The good thing: There is a fix.

Bad time management doesn’t have to last forever, but it’s important to break that habit as soon as possible!

Here are some tips that will help solve time management issues so you can get that startup launched!

Make a To-Do List and Prioritize

Without a to-do list, how will you know what’s on deck for any given day?

Sure, your memory might be better than most, but it’s still important that you have everything in writing no matter what.

If you stick to that logic, then you will be one step closer to being a time management expert.

Now that you have written down everything you need to do, prioritize — do your most important tasks of the day first.

If you are really ahead of the game, you can always do your most important tasks a day early. But not everyone is that blessed.

Nonetheless, make sure you are knocking out the most important things on your schedule first. And be sure to meet all of your deadlines.

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when organizing your startup venture or managing your investments.

Plus, that feeling of crossing things off your list is so satisfying. You’ll want to do more!

Account for Every Hour in the Day

This is a tough one. After all, life tends to happen.

However, if you account for every hour in the day, then no time will be wasted. That is — in one word — crucial.

And yes, you even need to account for the time you are sleeping and your free time, which includes all of those well-deserved breaks.

Don’t forget about the distractions!

Distractions happen — they are inevitable. The key here is to plan for them.

You’ve heard of counting calories. Well, now it’s time to count minutes.

So no matter what the setting is, you have to plan for distractions and try to schedule around them accordingly.

Make Your Daily/Weekly Goals Realistic

You can write everything down on your to-do list but still end up running into some problems.

For instance, you might just have too much on your plate — projects, assignments and deadlines, and that’s just at work!

There might not be enough hours in the day to finish what you need to get done. And you’re going to have to be OK with that (this is especially hard for entrepreneurs).

That’s why — especially for sanity reasons — you need to make your goals realistic.

Yes, it’s fine to push yourself, but goals, even daily and weekly ones, need to be attainable.

I should also note how crucial it is to schedule breaks. Breaks can last however long you would like them to. It’s even OK if they only last for 10–15 minutes.

The key is that you are scheduling them and then actually taking them.

Your mind will certainly thank you and so will your business. Because nothing’s worse than overwhelming yourself while trying to launch a product.

It’s a recipe for disaster, and you’re better than that!

Stick to Your Schedule

This is pretty simple, but people tend to overcomplicate this process.

Here it is in two clear steps:

  1. Make your schedule.
  2. Stick to your schedule.

Seems doable, right?

As long as you stay on track, you’ll be able to conquer the day, even if life does decide to throw you some twists and turns every now and then.

Time is your most precious and independent gift, because no matter how rich, poor, famous, young or old you are… time doesn’t discriminate.

The hard part? Don’t control it; manage it.

Stay Focused

If you follow these tips, then you will be an expert in the time management department in no time.

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