Dear Startup Profits Daily Reader,

Each year, I learn some cool entrepreneurial lessons —and this past year was no exception.

On Tuesday I shared the first three lessons for 2019. (If you missed it, simply click here.)

Today I’d like to dive into the last four.

Let’s get started…

#4 Focus on Your Strengths (Not Weaknesses)

Let’s face it, we are human and we can’t be good at everything… so it’s time to choose what we’re great at and make that our focus!

This past year, I honed in on my strength and asset to be able to actually visualize the strengths and weaknesses of others. Overall, I help them grow their idea, product or service.

Not everybody is good at everything. So I focus on people’s strengths and then I surround them with the people that they need to complement their strengths. I help people find “their people.”

Stop worrying about what you’re bad at or what you’re “good enough” at. Start focusing on what you’re great at and what you love, like and enjoy.

Play to your strengths and be secure in what you’re good at and what you have to contribute.

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

— Sara Blakely

#5 Don’t Be Flashy (Give Value)

Being successful is awesome. But instead of being flashy, try putting it back into helping others. Provide value to your fellow entrepreneurs —because that’s ultimately how you will find continuous success.

Try to stay away from pretending to be someone you’re not, especially if it’s pretentious.

Many influencers like to show off their success by posing in front of expensive cars, planes, homes, etc. At the end of the day, it’s about creating valuable content and being your authentic self to gain a real and engaging audience.

Your followers will be your customers for life if you give them value. Show them that you’re humble, real and kind and that you care to help.

#6 Build Strong Partnerships

Great partnerships mean great money. Whenever you want to take your income up to a higher level, look for a higher-level partnership. A radical idea becomes fairly plausible when you have the right partners.

“Bottom line: Not much happens when you work in isolation; however, with the right partners, anything is possible.”

— Kevin Harrington

Great partnerships have allowed me to make progress in ways I would have never imagined.

As a result of partnerships, I’ve seen my businesses go global, received investment at the valuation I wanted, earned a high income and been given shares in growth companies.

I have had a lot of fun too, been invited on unique trips away and met my entrepreneurial heroes.

None of these things would have happened if I hadn’t built strong relationships that turned into strong partnerships.

#7 Write a Book

Writing a book will not only make you smarter, stronger and more creative — it will give you authority, credibility and expertise.

A book is more like your business card and college degree mixed together.

Having a great book brings people to you, lets people know exactly who you are and shows them how you can help them. It’s the best marketing tool you could ever use to not just build your brand but actually attract clients.

I’ve written a few books and I’m working on another book right now. It’s been one of the best assets for me as an entrepreneur.

What entrepreneur or life lessons did you learn in 2019? I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line at

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Kevin Harrington