A Business Book is the ULTIMATE Business Card

No matter what your business or profession, publishing your own book will increase your visibility and credibility, let you position yourself as an authority in your field, and serve as a valuable lead generation tool.

But who has the time to do a book?

Writing a book is a time-consuming process. You have to come up with all the ideas, you have to write all the copy, you have to edit that copy, and then you have the hassle of trying to get the book published.

What if there was an easier way?

BMD Publishing allows you to write a book without writing a book.

All You Need is 30 Minutes a Week

If you have 30 minutes a week to do an interview, that’s all you need.
Your book will feature interviews with experts in the appropriate fields, who will then become referral sources for you!


The Research

Getting Started

The Research

We help you define your target audience and we find the right interview subjects

The Interview

Getting Contacts & Content

The Interview

We get your interview subjects booked, we provide you with the interview questions, we coach you on how to conduct the interviews, and we assist you in acquiring and using the appropriate technology

The Editing

Getting it Written

The Editing

We transcribe and edit the interviews, interview you for your chapter, and write whatever else is needed to complete the book

The Publishing

Getting it Done

The Publishing

We help you come up with the title, we create cover art, we do all graphic design and layout, and we publish the book

The Launch

Getting it Out

The Launch

We launch the book on Kindle, Amazon and your website, and we help you plan the book launch party

The Marketing

Getting Results

The Marketing

We provide marketing materials for the interview subjects so they can promote the book. We help you market your new book to your clients and prospects

The Choice Is Yours

Let Book Marketing Done For You LLC help you increase your audience, your exposure and your marketability.
Choose between the Gold or Platinum levels.

Now you’re a published author! Want to reach another audience?

At no additional cost, we will also set up your own podcast, where you can use the audio files from the book interviews. We create the cover art, produce a professionally-voiced open, edit the interviews, and publish the podcast on iTunes.



Business Autobiographies & Professional Guides

Do you want your book to be about you? Or, do you want to share your expertise with your target market? Business autobiographies and professional guides can increase your credibility and marketability. We publish those books as well, and we do all the work. We help you determine the structure of the book, then we do as many interviews with you as necessary and then rewrite those interviews to turn them into first-person. We also interview whoever else would add the appropriate perspective. Then we publish the book and help you promote it.

  • Share your story
  • Increase your visibility
  • Grow your business


We publish novels too!

Have you written or are you writing a work of fiction? We can take your words and turn them into a beautifully published book you’ll be proud to call your own. From cover design to layout to formatting and copy editing, we’ll publish your book at a price that works for your project and your budget.

  • Start your next chapter by becoming a published Author
  • Your words, your way
  • Professionally published & designed