Client Survey and Segmentation Program

What do you do when it’s your clients birthday?
Send a card? Maybe make a phone call?

What if you had a client segmentation and gifting strategy?
What if Mrs. Jones got a gift basket filled with the latest Danielle Steele novel (her favorite author), her favorite red wine, and 6 tickets to the latest Nicholas Sparks movie (also her favorite)? What response do you think you might get? And when she takes her husband and 2 favorite couples to the movie and tells them her financial advisor sent the tickets with the wine and book for her birthday, what do you think those couples will do? Do you think you might get some phone calls? You bet you will.
How many clients do you have? Divide that by 12 and that’s the average number of birthdays you’ve got every month. Just that strategy alone could dramatically increase your production, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we do with birthdays. We have one strategy that generates 6-12 referrals for every birthday.