Monthly Direct Mail

In order to achieve results like no one else, you have to show up like no one else, in a frequency no one else will attempt.

Think about it.

Your competitors are cutting back. They are sending emails, because they are free. They are doing webinars instead of seminars because they are Cheaper.

What to expect?

There is less clutter in your physical mailbox then ever before. This is your chance to own that real estate. If you send a physical newsletter every month, a warm fuzzy / hard ask camping every month, and a monthly direct mail campaign, that means you are touching them in their mailbox 3 weeks out of every 4. Nobody else does that. That means a week won’t go bye when they aren’t thinking about you. What do you think that will do for your relationship with them, the volume of business they do with you, and the number of referrals they send you?