Monthly Newsletter

Yes it has to be EVERY month.
No it CANNOT be sent via email.
No it CANNOT be boring and about financial topics.

Look, it’s not your prospects job to remember you. It’s your job to make sure they don’t forget you. That means showing up like no one else.

98% of advisors don’t send a monthly snail mail newsletter. 1% send one they get from their broker dealer, or from an industry vendor. That’s better than nothing, but those newsletters are all about financial products and the markets. Your prospects and clients don’t really care about the markets, that’s what they pay you for. They didn’t buy your firm, they bought you. So give them you.

What should you expect?

We get clients and prospects calling our office every month from our newsletter. Do you? The best part is they aren’t calling to RSVP for a seminar or to ask a question. What? Did I really say that? Yes. Here’s why: They call from the newsletter to talk about my family. Or what’s going on with my staff. Do your clients do that? Do your clients care about you that much? See clients who call because the newsletter arrived two days late and they have been waiting for a picture of my kids to see what they are up to, those are clients that are seriously bonded to me. They will never leave if the market goes down, or if they get a seminar invitation in the mail from another advisor promising a better return.

Your newsletter should be 4-8 pages at the most. And 75% of it should be warm and fuzzy content. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write 8 pages about your family. You can fill it up with jokes, quotes, advice about their health, puzzles, etc.