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Success and making a difference is what Conscious Millionaire is all about. JV Crum III, host of the syndicated radio show and podcast, works with coaches, consultants, business owners, and executives by helping them get a bigger vision so they make a big impact with their products and services, and learn how to turn that impact into big profits. JV says the big thing that makes a difference when taking a company to the next level is focusing on the mindset and the marketing strategy. He says they mainly work with high performers who are always looking for that next summit and are not happy until they get there. JV shares his High Performer Formula which people can get from ConsciousMillionaire.com and talks about the network of podcasts behind him.

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The Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III

SP JV Crum III | Conscious Millionaire

Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.

Our very special guest is JV Crum III. He was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top Thirteen Business Shows to Listen to in 2017. He’s the host of the syndicated radio show and podcast Conscious Millionaire. He’s the bestselling author of Conscious Millionaire Grow Your Business By Making a Difference which has been downloaded over 50,000 times. He has a whole network of podcasts behind him. We’re going to talk about the amazing ways he’s helping entrepreneurs and business owners. JV, thanks so much for joining us.

Thanks so much for having me and Kevin, it’s great to be on with you.

It’s great having you JV. The word conscious and millionaire, how do they go together? It’s one success, but you also want to make a difference.

I was in a hot tub in Reno. I was reading a brochure on the Green Movement and there was Green event that was coming up. I saw the word conscious and literally in my forehead and the two words came together. It was an intuitive hit and I got a tingling in my spine. I said, “That’s what I’ve been looking for.” What Conscious Millionaire is I work with coaches, consultants, business owners, and executives. It’s about helping them get a bigger vision so they make a big impact with their products and services and then learn how to turn that impact. They aren’t just making an impact but they’re broke, but turn that impact into big profits. It’s bringing the two together. When you think about it, it makes common sense. What is somebody going to buy, they’re going to buy the impact they want.

Does the conscious part involve giving back it all?

I created a business model that’s a circle. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. There are nine parts to it. A lot of times people go, “I’m going to give 2% back for the environment or something like that, but it’s like an add-on. It’s not part of the business model. The way I look at business is it’s part of your business model. There are two reasons it should be. One, if you’re tagging into a cause that’s consistent with your values, then it’s probably consistent with your client’s values, or your customer’s values. There’s a big wow factor that you’re the good guy.

The second reason is practical. Where are you going to meet? You go to events, you get involved in organizations that are part of this give-back. What are you going to do? You’re going to be meeting like-minded business people. It’s smart business, that’s good business. The conscious movement sometimes misses it because they go, “You’ve got to somehow be this good person that you weren’t.” No, you need to be a good person who’s smart about business and you integrate everything you’re doing so you’re making an impact and you’re giving back. It’s all part of a whole.

Your show is named one of the best business shows to listen to in 2017. How did Inc. find you? How many downloads are you up to? 

Between our downloads and streams, you have to estimate the radio network that we’re on. We’re number one on that network. We have approximately twelve million listeners to what is becoming eight different shows on High Performance.

How did you grow to twelve million and talk a little bit about the network. Obviously, you’ve evolved beyond one show.

The network has been an evolution and the heart attack that I had, had a lot to do with that. I laid there in an ICU and said “How can I have a bigger way? How can I play bigger? How can I connect with more people?” All of a sudden, I launched a fourth show. I’m interviewing for my fifth and sixth shows. Then, we’re developing the idea for a seventh show. What we’ve done is we’ve taken every day of the week and created a different show for it. Then, on one show, we bring them together in case somebody wants them all. We deal with the mindset one day, high-performance health. We have a show that’s for coaches and consultants, high-performance marketing. One of the new shows that’s launching is high-performance business owners and leaders. You have to have a million plus business to be on the show. The first guest was a billionaire talking about what’s the impact you’re making and how did you turn that impact into money? A lot of people separate those two. When somebody has built a $100-million company, making an impact and making money, they found some magic keys to how to do that.

It grew organically. There was no plan. I was planning to launch two days a week when we launched years ago, but I ended up with 60 shows in the hopper. I said, “I’m going to have a lot of unhappy people who are waiting a year for their show.” I launched five days then that evolved into sixth and into seventh. It’s been an evolution. I told my staff in 2014, “This is going to be huge.” I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it was. We had 30,000 downloads for the first month, which is a big number. We’re at 150 by the third month. It seemed to have caught on like wildfire. I was on the phone with somebody who listened to the show and we’re finishing a deal. I’m going to start coaching him. He is a chiropractor and he likes what I’m doing. It seems to be attracting people in a niche that’s growing but nobody else is in that niche in the same way.

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What were you doing in your first couple dozen years of business prior to all of this?

I had gone to med school. I took my premed. I decided I didn’t want to do that. I ended up with a Masters in Clinical Psych. I decided I didn’t want to do that. I was going to go to law school. I’m 23 and my father has a company that’s a regional trucking line that’s bankrupt. He said, “Will you come in and work with me for six months?” which was not what I was interested in. I was interested in personal empowerment. It turned out I was like a duck to water. It’s like I didn’t know that I knew how to do business and I never had a business course. That became very successful. I made my first million by 25, I went to law school but stayed in that. I built a regional trucking line. What I realized I was doing that I now bring to all my clients is I systemize. I create a system for everything. There was no such thing as falling through the cracks. We had systems for how everything worked in the business. We’re able to do well because of all those systems. That’s one of the things in my wheelhouse. I’m a systems thinker.

You mentioned chiropractors, premed, and law, do you do this in all different kinds of industries?

We specialize in coaches and consultants who are successful. Typically, six figures and they want to grow. I work with entrepreneurs who are $1 million and above, or the CEOs of companies. Typically, $1 million to $20 million that is much more service-focused than product-focused. I don’t say never to products, but no to restaurants, no to manufacturing, and no to retail. I don’t do any of that. It’s mainly people who have some service that could be a software and they want to grow their profits. They want to do that by increasing their vision. Then, building and scaling the way they need to build their business. That’s what excites me. I like high performers who want to find the next summit and I can help them get to that summit.

Can you give us an example? Kevin’s favorite phrase is the magical transformation. Can we talk about an example of one of those companies or coaches that you worked with? What does that before and after look like?

SP JV Crum III | Conscious Millionaire

Conscious Millionaire: I like high performers who want to find the next summit and I can help them get to that summit.

I’m doing boot camps for coaches and consultants. It gives them a more affordable way to work with me by putting more people in a program. I just finished one. I’m not going to give you the person’s name, but I’m going to tell you that the transformation was amazing. This person came in. I would call them a corporate refugee. They had done well and had good six figures in corporate work. They left a couple of years ago and they wanted to reject everything business. They decided that they were going to help abused women. They weren’t doing very well with that. It wasn’t working for them. I took them through a transformation of helping them understand what their three top skills were. I always say, “You’ve got to have one hard and one soft in that mixture.” It turned out that this person had great skills. I helped them understand the difference between doing something as a nonprofit and doing something as a for-profit.

The people, especially coaches and consultants who’d come to me a lot of times, they’re so good-hearted. They’ve forgotten that this was a business. It was supposed to make them wealthy. They’re supposed to pay their mortgage from this and take vacations. I helped this person get clear. I said, “If you want to help abused women, this is fabulous. Do it on the weekends for free.” We completely redid her business model. She’s now super happy coming back to corporations. She’s developing programs that she has already started selling for much higher rates. She’s selling them to hospitals to help them integrate change into their culture. This is their wheelhouse. This is what they know how to do. All of a sudden they’re realizing and then I help people value so they know how to price.

Most coaches and consultants, the most they can tell you is they went to somebody else’s website and somebody else is charging this, so they’re going to charge it. I use an ROI formula that lets them look at six ways of what they’re doing has an impact that has a dollar value to their clients and then divides it by five. A good ratio is that if you’re helping somebody get a $50,000 change, you should at least get $10,000 out of that. It’s a good deal for everybody. If you’re helping them get $500,000, then you should be getting your $100,000 for doing this project. It gives people a rock-solid way to value and then explain to their clients why the fee is this. This is what you’re going to get when we work together.

You go out and speak at a lot of conferences and do a lot of networking yourself, JV?

I’m going six blocks from me to 200 to 300 executives and business owners. As I say, these are all my clients. I wish I could take them all. Then, I’m going to a gala event that’s honoring the top companies in Colorado that fall in the $750,000 to $50 million. There are 50 of them. Everybody in that room is either a client or they’re another service provider and I should be friends with them. To me, it is 100% about relationships. When we get through with this, I’m calling fifteen people that I know and ask them for referrals. I’ll ask them, “Do you know of some company, business owner, who wants to increase their profits by 25% in the next six to twelve months?” I know I can do that and find out if they know of somebody who could use my services.

You talked about the example of a coach and that transformation, can you talk about a corporate one where you took that $1 to $5 million company and help them get to the next level?

I can tell you about a company that I took from $1million to $2million in five months. That was a good transformation and they were very happy. I always focus on mindset and that comes back out of the psychology, nine years of NLP training. With my private clients, I create customized empowerment audios that are designed to get them in three months where they want to go so it pre-programs their mind every day. They listen to it once or twice. This particular client not only listened to it once or twice, he looped it. We listened to it like an hour at a time.

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The second thing is we focused on marketing strategy. I’m not a marketing tactical person, I’m a marketing strategist. Every week we would talk about how he could get out there in a different way. By putting those together strategically, he was able to double his business in five months. He doubled the revenue and doubled the profits because he didn’t have any more overhead. We started things like he would go to events on the weekends and sell. All of a sudden, that became a $20,000 weekend. Those clients would buy other things later. We focused on the mindset and the marketing strategy. That big thing made the difference.

What’s the best way for people to get in touch with you, track you down, network with you and hang out at some of the places you go?

I work with high performers. High performers to me are people who are always looking for that next summit and they’re not happy until they get there. Then, when they get there, they want to go to the next summit. Those are the people that excite me. They want to make a difference in the world. I’d like to give you my High Performer Formula. This is going to give you the exact steps you need to take and implement. You can get that at ConsciousMillionaire.com/HighPerformer. Go get the formula and that’s going to give you the steps that you need. If you want to talk, you’ve got my email. Give me a reply and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Most of our guests are more than happy to give out a website with a download or something like that. Your book has been downloaded over 50,000 times.

The question is do you want to connect with people? My answer is yes.

I love the idea that you did a different show every day of the week. Instead of having one show that aired five days a week, you got five shows. When you first did it, you started with five and now you’re up to seven. It opens you up to seven different audiences.

They want high-performance marketing and that’s great. I have fabulous guests and I’m glad if that’s what they want to listen to. Let us give them a specialized experience.

JV, thank you. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for having me on.

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J V Crum III is known for his LIVE On-Camera Trainings where he creates a Breakthrough for business coaches and consultants by helping them find $50,000 or more in hidden revenues and develop steps to put it in their bank account. Named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Shows to listen to in 2017, JV is host of the syndicated radio show and podcast, Conscious Millionaire, and the best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference.” JV holds multiple certifications in NLP and has graduate degrees in three areas: law, business and psychology (JD, MBA, MS).