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Men are wired to have image management. They want to look good in many ways to women and to the world so they cultivate conflict avoidance. What happens is they stack up these frustrations to the point of an emotional level and they’re having all these symptoms. They don’t feel a sense of freedom and they’re never fulfilled. Peak performance coach and author Nate Lindquist doesn’t want people to get to that point. He likes to dive deep down and get to the root cause so he can help people deal with their issues. Nate is a globally recognized expert in business growth and personal transformation. Learn some insights as Nate talks about turning your biggest business frustrations into success.

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Peak Performance: Turning Your Biggest Frustrations Into Success with Nate Lindquist

We have a very special guest, Nate Lindquist. Nate is a peak performance coach and author. He has mastered turning your biggest business frustrations into success. After building and growing several successful businesses, he’s involved in a globally recognized expert in business growth and personal transformation. When you hear his story, you’ll be inspired of what’s possible for yourself regardless of your current circumstances. Nate, thanks so much for joining us.

Seth, it is awesome to be here and it’s good to be here with, Kevin too.

How did you get started?

Like anyone, I decided to be a cartoonist because it made so much sense. I didn’t want to be the guy pushing the mow all around town, which is where I started at nine years old. I got the jobs because I didn’t want to be the kid who didn’t have money. All the kids were buying the GT Freestyle bikes and I wanted a bike. I didn’t want to be going to get a job, but before I could get my working papers, I wanted to have money. I started doing cartooning and I had some interesting opportunities there. I started doing open houses and caricatures where I had to do 300 to 400 caricatures in four or five hours. I was working my tail off. That’s how I started.

I evolved over the years. I wanted to pump a lot of purpose into what I was doing. I became a graphic designer and involved in having a graphic agency then an advertising firm and then marketing. I did that for seventeen years. I created a growth-consulting firm. If you go back to 2007, I shifted over to being a contract CEO where I was unhappy with the way clients were responding and making decisions with their marketing dollars. I said, “What’s the problem? It’s the person making the decision with what they’re going to do with the marketing dollars.” What I’ll do is I’ll become a contract CEO and give the work to my agency so we can do the right work instead of spending a bunch of money on marketing. It’s like, “I know you want a website but that’s not going to get the result you want.” What would happen is business owners or experts were telling me, “I want parachute instructions. I want to tell you how to pack the chute and I want to tell you where to fly the plane. I want to tell you where to jump and then if I get hurt, I want to blame you.”

There’s a tendency for business owners to say, “No. This is what I’ve decided.” It’s a huge shame for a business owner to have genius over here and accidentally apply it over here. Like, “I’m going to apply my genius at building an oil business or having oil services and then I’m going to apply it over here to marketing for my oil business.” That’s an example of a client I had in the past. Of course, they fail miserably at it. I wanted to know why it was not working and that was because they’re so smart over here. These are good people going down the wrong path. As I was started seeing this happening, I went in. Maybe I was involved too much with the back room in the businesses even though I was remote, I shifted to being a peak performance coach. I wanted to have more reach and less direct involvement with the business. I wanted to have more leader building and empowering them to make the changes that they needed to make.

SP Nate Lindquist | Peak Performance

Peak Performance: I shifted to being a peak performance coach because I wanted to have more reach and less direct involvement with the business.

You have an interesting story in that you almost died and lived to tell about it.

I got up to 206 pounds. I was grinding at my business. I’ve been listening to Personal Growth and Development. I’m sure you are aware of the Nightingale-Conant library. I got Bob Moawad and Zig Ziglar’s See You at the TopWayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, and Brian Tracy’s Focal Point. I was six years old and I listened to this stuff to fall asleep at night. I enjoyed listening to it. I was applying to building businesses and making money. I’ve gotten good at making money, but along the way I ended up looking at a picture of myself once coming back from vacation. I was like, “Who was that fat guy wearing my bathing suit.” I was like, “That’s me.” I hadn’t realized that I went from athlete to business owner to train wreck. My life was falling apart. Then, I had a pile of money and it was an unhealthy situation. After lots of anxiety attacks, I was like, “I’m going to die. Something’s wrong.” It was all symptom management. That’s what doctors do. They give you drugs and do symptom management. I said, “I’ll sell my way out of this. I’ll build my business bigger. I’ll have more success and that’ll fix this. That’s where my freedom is going to come from.” I’m grinding myself down.

One night, I woke up standing on my bed and I passed out. I had a scar and it’s still there. I fell on my bedside table and cracked my head wide open. Then, blood was everywhere. Then, I came to and I passed out again. This time my heart stopped. I was revived in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It’s hard every time I tell the story because I was thinking of my daughter and what’s going on with my life. I was already in the process of knowing that I needed to make a change. I burned the boats. My doctor was like, “You’re so wound up, you’re a mess. Congrats on the business if you want to kill yourself.” The changes I made were immediate and dramatic. I documented the process and the mistakes I made and changed everything.

It sounds like you’re taking some of that same learning and changes. You’re applying it for entrepreneurs to change in their business and learn from their mistakes. This is the hook that you’re teaching them how to deal with their biggest failure and how to overcome it. Is that the strategy as a peak performance coach that you’re using?

There is a perception of failure. You’re disappointing yourself. I work with women and men. The program I’m watching is called The King’s Calling. It’s heavily focused on men. I’ve been a guy my whole life and I got this insight on that. It’s the frustration of not knowing where to push when you’re spread too thin and seeing this failure as a stopping point instead of seeing the frustration as a compass. If you look back on a frustration, it’s like, “What did I learn?” If you look forward, it’s “What do I want?” In the middle is, “Who do I need to become to get on the other side of that?” As men, we are wired to have image management. We want to look good in many ways to our women and to the world so we cultivate conflict avoidance. We practice avoiding conflict.

What happens is we stack up these frustrations to the point where at an emotional level, we’re having all these symptoms. We have no time with our wife and family. We don’t feel a sense of freedom and we’re never fulfilled. We don’t know how we got into this situation. What happens is along the way comes this hammer that smashes you in the side of the head and by the way, this whole story you’re telling in this image management is a bunch of BS. It’s a big story and it’s not true. I don’t want people to get to that point. I want to get to the underneath part where there’s a root cause. Deal with that root cause and that’s how I coach. I don’t want to deal with symptoms, because the root cause, if you fix that, the symptoms, the money you want, and time with family, that stuff is going to sort itself out fast.

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Can you speak to any magical transformation you’ve had for any clients? Are you allowed to disclose anything like that? Generically, maybe even if you had to.

I’ll use an example, a gentleman named Dan Richter. He has become a friend. He’s a client, but he came to me wound up and having challenges. He’s spending eighteen to twenty days away from home, not with his wife and kids. He has this beautiful blended family and he was like, “I got to re-get to know the kids every month.” He was also in the process of building his business career. He was doing well but he kept going backward. I looked at the guy and I listened to him when we first met and I saw the signs. He was saying to me, “I’m pretty healthy. I’ve always been an athlete. Things are okay.” I was like, “What if you could see 20% to 30% improvement in the next 45 days? What would that look like?” He couldn’t define it. I was like, “What’s pissing you off? Let’s make a piss list.” That’s when the light shined.

You find out the guy is 242 pounds and his target weight was 185. In 52 days he dropped down to 184.In the process, he secured a new business and he’s doubled his income. He also created a $500,000 passive income stream over the next ten years. He was only going through the process. He hasn’t even completely gone the full 90 days. The silver bullet is that he went through the eight radical shifts. It’s a process within The King’s Calling. It’s also a core part of my coaching that I’ve done for men and women, but it’s only available through The King’s Calling Program.

Seeing these results for me gives me a sense of like this guy doesn’t have to suffer anymore. He doesn’t have to feel unfulfilled. I did a call with him and his wife jumps on. I’ve got this hysterical video where she’s like, “I became aware of like who is this guy living in my house? We got pictures of him. He was a fat guy and he’s now a thin, lean guy with a six-pack.” She goes, “I saw him. I’ve had the awareness.” He was standing in the bedroom door and she was like, “Hubba-hubba.” She grabbed him. He’s got some stuff going on where he’s feeling a stronger passionate connection in his marriage. We dealt with the income, the marriage, he’s healthy, he’s happy and he’s moving forward. He was digging a big hole for himself and to the whole world. He looked like one hell of a successful guy but now he actually is. These are building blocks.

SP Nate Lindquist | Peak Performance

Peak Performance: To get your mindset in order, you understand your purpose and dig out the truth.

I’m not going to tell you that what I have is super clever or some fancy strategy. Do you know what it is? It’s a process you go through systematically that gets your mindset in order, you understand your purpose, and you dig out the truth. We have something in the beginning of the program called the The Five Forces Jumpstart. That’s where their biggest transformation happens and it’s simply by creating a pattern, a linchpin habit of doing these five things for the period of 30 days. In the first week, I get these messages like, “Everything’s changing.” I’m like, “Be patient. You’re right. Notice it. If you’re not aware of a change, you’re not going to appreciate it and not see it.”

They go through this process and doing this consistently, realizing we don’t have focus muscles, a lot of us. The consistency, it’s not about clever, it’s not about fancy, it’s not a silver bullet. What it is follow through on a commitment that you made to yourself. Stop looking for fancy diet programs. You don’t need the South Beach or the Paleo or some crazy damage-your-body and pull-your-muscles P90X crap. I have nothing against all those programs because they’re good and you can get intense. You just need to do what you say you’re going to do. Here’s a clear-cut way to do it. It’s not a fitness program by the way, because as they go through it, they move into the business building, career building, and planting seeds of future opportunities.

The whole life experience though is powerful. People need that. I’ve had my own personal transformations, losing weight, focusing, and things like that. It’s important to feel good, wake up feeling energetic, healthy, eating right, and all that good stuff. It’s funny because it goes from the personal side to the business side which is powerful.

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We’ve all heard the story about the little girl who goes to work with their dad and he’s like, “I got to work. I’m going to tear up this magazine. If you can put this back together there’s a picture of the world on it. Put the world back together there. Once the puzzle pieces are put together, I’ll play with you.” It actually takes the rest of the doubt. Sure enough, she comes back in ten or fifteen minutes with the whole thing put together. If you’ve seen the globe with the greens and blues, putting those little, tiny pieces together is not easy. She said, “It’s okay.” On the other side, there was a man, I put the man together and the world was together. I’ve heard that from Earl Nightingale. Part of the strangest secret is you become what you think about most. As I think back to that story and I look at what I’m doing, it’s let’s not come up with a magic formula to grow your business. Let’s become the man who is going to create that successful business that’s going to follow through. No strategy is going to get you there if you’re not willing to do that.

Nate, who’s an ideal client for you?

An ideal client is a 30 to a 50-year-old businessman who is incredibly overwhelmed. He feels like it’s spread too thin and probably making on the lowland $80,000 a year. I have clients who do $500,000 to $2 million a year. Inevitably, they’ve had a degree of success in one or two areas of life. You might have a great body success or a great business success, but maybe you’re not getting home to be with your kids, your family, not spending time with your wife or you don’t even have the romantic relationship. You’re like, “How am I going to get this relationship stuff done and still build my business?” What do they do? There’s this back and forth. I’m going to go work over here in a silo and then what happens? The business goes to hell. I’m going to work on my body and the relationship goes to hell. It’s all this selfishness.

How many guys have said over the years, “Don’t you understand? I’m building this for the family?” All it sounds like is that’s great. That’s partner stuff but in the meantime, you’re sacrificing. If we’re not all on the same page and deliver about how we sacrifice and pull together, then you get that frustration. The right person to talk to is someone who doesn’t know how to create this balance. When there’s a need to throw attention on something important, like a money issue, a body issue, getting home to spend time with wife and kids or having that feeling of fulfillment and freedom. The energy behind what you’re doing starts with your body. It moves into a sense of purpose and then the progresses that you get by doing it every day. If you don’t know how to do that, then this is going to help.

SP Nate Lindquist | Peak Performance

Peak Performance: The energy behind what you’re doing starts with your body.

How do people get hold of you if they want to track you down?

You mentioned you had an incredible offer you were going to make to our audience.

As I think about this, I’ve always said I want to serve as many people as I can, whether they become clients or not. Go to NateLindquist.com/Shark. I’m going to give away on this page The Five Forces Jumpstart. The five forces are mind, body, spirit center that is the wife, kids, and business. This is going to jumpstart the core forces of energy and fulfillment in life. I’m going to give that away. You follow through on this. Anyone who follows through this is going to have huge progress whether we ever worked together or not.

You watch right through. There’s a video and download. People are going to be like, “What I get to do this?” You commit to it and it’s like, “I can do this.” The next thing I’m going to give away is the One Focus Power System. This is the eighth shift in the Eight Radical Shifts. It’s a little sneak peek. The One Focus Power System is how you take all the overwhelm, the to-do items, that projects you want to get done, and everything that you want to do with all those five areas of your life. Of course, there are derivative areas and you could branch off. You take all that overwhelm and this program is going to give you a tool to make a declaration about what matters to you most. You will know what your quest is, put it onto this plan, and create a one-day win the day program. This is what you do every day, a win the day check sheet where you get focused, get clear, and work on one project that pulls your entire life forward.

We’ll send everyone to NateLindquist.com/shark. Kevin, thanks for being here as always. Nate, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you, Nate.

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About Nate Lindquist

SP Nate Lindquist | Peak Performance

Nate is a coach and mentor who transformed from fat (44 lbs overweight at 206lbs), unhappy (stress, anxiety, struggle) unhealthy (serious illness, near death), overwhelmed and struggling (how did my life end up here?) to thriving – and he lives what he teaches at a level that’s inspiring to all he coaches.  After working to help build dozens of businesses at all levels, including the multi-million dollar level (and higher), he modeled the wrong definition of success and had a severe case of “being ok” and “image management” paired with the constant tendency to throw the pendulum from one area of his life to another as he struggled to figure out where to push to somehow balance his life and achieve his dreams.  By discovering critical research on human behavior and applying to his own life, everything changed.

Today, Nate is healthy, happy and passionately married (with 6 beautiful children) and has evolved from a serial entrepreneur and sought after contract CEO, to building a coaching practice dedicated to helping others learn from his nearly 3 decades of experience.

Having launched a series of businesses successfully starting at the age of 16, Nate has helped hundreds of clients through his powerful online training programs and group and 1 on 1 coaching.  These clients now discover the critical shifts needed to fully activate what he calls The 5 Forces of life (Mind, Body, Spirit, Center (wife/spouse & kids) and Business Empire), providing access to intense, high-leverage time, energy and focus optimization strategies and coaching.

What’s so unique about Nate’s approach is that, unlike other programs, Nate takes clients through his process called The 8 Radical Shifts, demonstrating a powerful way to unlock the full potential of your life and business. He knows that even in the face of every day confusion, self-doubt and distraction, leaders can reset and self-activate when they pursue their true calling… all accessible by using the “One Focus Power System™” and The GIFTS® Formula, central tools of his coaching program.