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Proximity is power. That’s what drove Ted Miller III to partner with some of the biggest personalities in the business coaching and training space to provide cutting-edge personal and business development solutions such as CEO training and webinars that sell to help entrepreneurs become true masters of sales success. Ted is the CEO of TM3. He’s worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries to double their sales in twelve months. He not only helped them, he used those skills internally, doubling sales three years in a row with senior business partners, the amazing Tony Robbins and the late great Chet Holmes. Ted shares that to become overachievers and top producers, you have to have compassion and sincere interest in helping clients succeed as well as confidence to close deals. Learn more about the man, the mission, and the vision that’s making all this possible.

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Personal And Business Development Solutions with Ted Miller

Our very special guest is Ted Miller III. Ted is CEO of TM3. He’s worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries to double their sales in twelve months. He not only helped them, he’s used those skills internally, doubling sales three years in a row with a senior business partner, the amazing Tony Robbins and the late great Chet Holmes. Ted, thanks so much for joining us.

Thanks for having me. Great to be here.

How did you get started?

Work ethic as a kid, on the job by the age of nine, job site, family owned a construction company. Kevin, I was pouring concrete. You are sealing or were you doing asphalt when you were kid?

Sealing driveways.

I remember that we were at a mastermind together years ago when you first rolled up Pitch Tank. That was great to hear that you’ve got 4,000 people going to that event in Vegas. Back when you were pioneering that launching that we were at a thing together. I heard you tell that story. I was knee deep in a concrete. What happened is they got a paper route and waiting for me to make money. My buddy all had it. He had it on the lockdown.

He finally gave it up and I realized that was unique at that time because I instantly took the paper route and I doubled its size like that. Because all the money was in the holiday tips and all I knew was the fall time. I just got to increase my size and my territory. Pay rolls during the holidays. You get $20 sometimes from someone just being a nice kid, delivering the paper. I was rolling in the dough and poured concretes on the weekend. I maybe didn’t get paid for that. It’s family business but paper route. For me early on, I recognize entrepreneurship was in my blood probably through the paper route base.

How did this obviously get a big jump between that and working with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes?

I paid them. It’s the only way I got into their proximities. I paid for their help. I had my posture handed me on a platter. Kevin, I thought revenue meant profitability, and I’m sure you’ve seen a mailing jamokes do that. I had a small $2.2 million company, but I was sleeping in a Dodge Ram Quad Cab pickup truck, so I can afford the 5,000 square foot office everyone was working out of. I was getting a shower in the 24-hour fitness for free and I would just do every two weeks cheap gym locations and I’d live in my suit. No one knew it except me. I was just hustling and keep it afloat and I was listening to this. I’ve got it. We’re on video. I can actually show it. I’d power talk from Tony Robbins, interviewing Jay Abraham. I listen to it again and again. Ran at Finn. I’m surprised it hasn’t broke yet and I hypnotized myself to believe that if this guy Jay could help him and American Express and all these other companies, he can help me.

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I robbed Peter to pay Paul. We came up $40,000 of money I couldn’t afford. I’ve got Jay into my world and he’s an interesting guy. He said the same thing ten different times and I was frustrated. If you pay down $40,000 in full, you get an extra hour. Instead of ten hours, you’ve got eleven. It was great. Halfway through the money I’m going nuts. I’m insecure, I’m broke, I’m sleeping in a truck, I’m pissed and he was classy. He cared more for me than I cared for myself. He elegantly fired me as a client by deferring me to guy Chet Holmes.

That’s how I met Chet Holmes. Two years later did I know that he and I, over dinner, started business. He retired. He had third of his colon removed from his first bout of cancer. It all just came from being in proximity and I paid to be in that proximity. That’s why people get out their butt at on a plane, go picnic with Kevin, golfing with John, the guy that started up Whole Foods and get into that Pitch Tank in Vegas. Proximity is power and that’s what eventually got me into partnership with Chet. Then, that got us into partnership with Tony.

He’s an amazing guy. He is the ultimate sales machine. He and Tony were partners, but Tony did not continue with it.

He died. We had a four-year contract. Chet dies and it’s hard to keep a contract going with your partner. He was the face of the brand with the New York Times bestselling books. God bless him. Tony was a great guy. We had a separate company, but he’s got a whole seminar out of it now. We pioneered this thing that’s now called Business Mastery which charges $10,000. Got a few thousand people to that for and we lock them in a room for five days and try to kill them by working in 12, 14, 16-hour long days.

Are you partners with Tony in Business Mastery?

No. That’s all within this company called Robbins Research International. When Chet died, the Business Breakthroughs International pretty much died with it. That third-party company we’ve created together were all in great standings. I heard that Seth and I were talking about a tracking version last time I think I saw you, Kevin. You’re always out, that’s what I love about you, the world’s greatest hustler. There’s never a time I don’t see you at a venue raising the standards from which entrepreneurs need to operate within. Seth and I, he’s had a lot going on, but we had a quick chat and we were walking and talking and I pushed real fast like, “Why aren’t there more of you Seth? Why aren’t there Kevin Juniors running around? Why don’t you have an army of top producers?” Real fast he’s like, “That’s hot. You’ve got to come share that on the show.”

That’s one thing I’ve perfected. I paid $40,000 to learn how to recruit sales stars. I’ve since mastered that. I’ve worked with countless companies finding who the top producers are quickly, knowing how to, what I call “Love them in, love them out,” so you can get an army of top producers. I’m curious what your opinion is before I share any of that. Kevin, what’s your story and why internally, you haven’t cracked the code to get an army of top producers. What do you think are the biggest challenges trying to bring on a real superstar, a Kevin Junior back before you made it big as on seen on TV like that version?

This is what’s happened with a lot of people I’ve been involved with over the years. I’ve launched many careers: Billy Mays, Tony Little, Anthony Sullivan and there’s a guy that worked for me for a while. His name was Carl Daikeler. Carl owns Beachbody. It’s a billion-dollar business. He’s worth $660 million because he owns Beachbody. What happens is I teach people how to start making money and they get out on their own and start making money. I have created literally hundreds of Kevin Dyke people, but ultimately, they’re doing their own thing. The question is, how can I create them and keep a latch to them? It’s not easy. There are certain systems that work in different worlds.

SP Ted Miller of TM3 | Personal And Business Development Solutions

Personal And Business Development Solutions: If you want overachievers and top producers, you want them to succeed and make more money than they ever made in their life.

I was in the infomercial world and it was about finding products, hiring a producer, getting the money to do it and all of a sudden, I just found a product. I know the producers because I’ve been working with them. I introduced them to the producers. I can go through a $20 million deal now. Having said everything I just said, I don’t have a problem with any of that because the fact that I’ve made hundreds of people, multimillionaires and millionaires and whatever, God blesses part of my DNA is to empower entrepreneurs.

But that’s a learning skill in itself. The fact that if people could hear what Kevin just said, that he’s not greedy. If you want overachievers and top producers, you want them to succeed and make more money than ever made in their life. That’s how you weren’t getting an army on top producers. That’s great. Kudos for you. I just usually do it on a much smaller scale where one example, I’ll recruit young and old, people that are underutilized, stay-at-home moms got to be the most underutilized, overqualified human beings on the planet. I stumbled into this whole thing by this approach. I’ll tell you this quick little story. I had this guy who leaves me back when everything was hot in 2004 or 2005. He’s going to go get wealthy doing mortgages.

He was a pastor. He and his wife made $42,000 a year combined in Ohio. You’re not living large, you’re just making it by and primarily pastors and she’s a stay-at-home mom. He quit me to go get rich doing this thing, but he started posting up numbers I never saw before Kevin. He was making more sales after he officially quit me than he did. The pastor calls me, leaves me a voicemail and says, “Ted, I have to confess.” I’ve got to hear this, a pastor confessing to me. That’s not the way that usually goes. He goes, “I just want to let you know, you’ve been noticing my numbers.” I go, “You’re doing great. Quit me every day because this is working good for me.” He goes, “That’s not me.”

He goes, “My wife listens to me and read your script. She heard me pitch a countless time, but I failed to log out. We’re running radio ads, driving leads, and you go online to log yourself in. I failed a log on and she heard it ring and ring. She finally got frustrated, picked up the phone, read the script, and collected the credit card. Started posting the sales.” I said, “All right, you have atoned for your sin here I need two things. What’s her name? What’s her phone number?” From that moment on, I learned there are two elements that make a world of difference between an overachiever and a top producer in the week. The two Cs. The first is compassion. That’s what I struck my vein with this sincere, true, sincere interest in helping clients succeed.

I am pumped that they went off and then got independently wealthy. There are a lot of people to be pumped at a $125,000, Kevin, who would die to have you as a mentor making $250,000, maybe $500,000. They don’t need to be the next CEO of their own company to do what the guy you said was worth some $100 million. You’ll bend over in Ohio. When they left me, they lasted seven years with me. When they started at $42,000 a year, they were making over $42,000 a month with me. That’s the lifestyle you can create and they could run with you six, seven years if you find those that have true compassion. You’ve got to balance it with confidence. Because if all they do is care and they can’t close the barn door, let alone a sale and you could find those two things out in two to ten minutes.

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That’s what got Seth pumped was I said, “You should run an ad. You should make it really clear. Make it transparent that Kevin’s found people that have made hundreds of millions.” He’s looking for someone that makes that jump to crack the six-figure code or maybe they want to go from a quarter million to half a million, and hate that big sexy picture, but you’ve got to reject them in your ad. I’d literally wanted to say, “Don’t even bother calling Kevin’s company unless you can prove yourself to be an overachiever, top producer.” Then they answer the phone and say “That ad said don’t involve calling unless you can prove yourself to be an overachiever and a top producer.” You’ve got two minutes to talk yourself into an interview. Have them pitch you right on the spot.

It’s like a Shark Tank for getting the right people. Do you do mostly online stuff when you help people, or you help somebody that owns a heating and air conditioning company double his business?

I do high touch, high quality. We still bolt on business coaching. When I white label, I can’t tell you about it, but Infusionsoft, they do that with them. You might know who they are, a software company like small $100 million-dollar firm. They have a mastermind, so we bolt on coaching to their program. Did it most famously with Tony Robbins and longest with Chet Holmes. We work remotely. I have a team at a height. We had 100 coaches when we were partnered with Chet and Tony, hundred coaches, hundred salespeople. That’s a lot out there. We work remotely, and we do training, but it’s a lot of high touch, meaning not automated push button, get wealthy stuff. There’s usually human being on the phone adding massive value every single week and that’s why we get recurring income. I would get a sales guy and I’d have them cut their teeth on an intro level product.

I’ve got a two-and-a-half-hour training for CEOs. It costs $250. The world’s out there trying to get people on webinars for free. That’s why you can’t get 30% to show up because you’ve got a bunch of tide kicking dreamers. We charge them to get to the better executive. I weed out all the MLM dreamers or not that that’s always a dreamer, but those that are just not really committed because commitments in the pocket book. Most of that money on that intro level sales guy and then they get earned their way up. That’s $120,000 income and then they can become a presenter, maybe do $250,000 by hosting workshops with CEO groups and like the thing you pioneered with EO. We do that virtually. Our model is all virtual, but it’s high touch, high quality. We hold the CEOs accountable to better implement proven business growth strategies and tactics.

Who’s an ideal client for you?

The avatars they’ve been in business ten years. They’re stuck and frustrated wondering why they’re stuck and stagnant at 10 million. The numbers are usually 2.5 million, 10 million then, 25 million, then 100 million. They’re stuck somewhere but they’re still hungry meaning they’re usually their first wife left them when they were workaholics at 100 hours. They feel they’ve toned it down. They’re only working 65-hour weeks, but the kids are going off to college. They’re frustrated and want to find a way to leverage it and still have it grow. They’re my people. We love heating and air conditioning companies. That’s where I came up from. I love working with the small business owners. We brag a lot about the big, big companies. That’s just positioning for branding the talk about, 60 to 4500 companies. That’s just bragging. Reality is our homerun is a guy who have been in business 10 years, stuck at 10 million and he wants to take it to the next level. Those are our people.

SP Ted Miller of TM3 | Personal And Business Development Solutions

Personal And Business Development Solutions: Our homerun is a guy who have been in business for ten years, stuck at $10 million and he wants to take it to the next level.

Where are you based Ted?

I’m in Portland, Oregon now. Been out here seventeen years where my lady is from.

You’ve got a lot of passion. I love the energy. I’m trying to think, Seth, when are we all going to be together? I’d love to spend some quality time with Ted someday.

I talked to him in San Diego about possibly that full-time business coaching be the Kevin Harrington coaching model for entrepreneurs, which is what sparked our conversation. Hopefully, we can get Ted out to Pitch Tank in Vegas and we can all get together there.

Ted, we’ve got this thing in Vegas to Pitch Tank, if you’ve been to that?

I haven’t. I was there in a mastermind where you’re talking to them about, “I’m doing this new thing.”

In Vegas, we’re doing Steve Forbes and John Mackey. We did our version of Shark Tank. It’s called Pitch Tank. We’re taking pitches in front of thousands of people and it’s a lot of fun. Let’s hook up. I really like to explore some things and what’s the best website for me to check your stuff out Ted?

TedMiller3.com. I just happened to be the third named after two great men. I’ve got great tutorials and free information for those that want to learn how to recruit top producers and more. They can always get that stuff for free at Ted Miller 3.

Good catching up with you. Thank you.

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About Ted Miller

SP Ted Miller of TM3 | Personal And Business Development SolutionsTed Miller III is the CEO of TM3. He has worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries to double their sales in 12 months. He not only helped them, he used those skills internally, doubling sales 3 years in a row with his senior business partners, the late, great Chet Holmes and the amazing Tony Robbins.

Ted’s mission is to share with fellow entrepreneurs that you can build your business that you really REALLY want, even if it feel audacious, such as doubling your sales. Now others have said, “that is not possible”, yet over the last decade he has squashed that myth many times!