The SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene.

Kevin Harrington is the inventor of the infomercial, one of the original sharks from the hit tv show shark tank, and has generated over 5 billion dollars in TV and digital direct response sales.

Seth Greene is the world’s #1 trusted authority on cutting edge direct response marketing, a best-selling author, the only 3x Marketer of The Year Nominee, and the founder of Market Domination LLC.

It was named #6 on NASDAQ’s list of “Top Podcasts You Must Listen to in 2019”.

On the podcast, Kevin & Seth interview SharkPreneurs who share straight talk on what it takes to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS.

Episode Blogs

SEO For Growth

  After a miserable four-year stint at an insurance company, Phil Singleton left his soul-crushing cubicle job. He wanted to change his path and do something drastic, and so he moved to Asia. That took him down a long journey of self-discovery and confidence building, and ended up staying there [...]

Business Systems For Aspergers With Tucker Bearden

Tucker Bearden is an inspiration not just to people with Asperger’s, but to the world. He created systems and rituals for people with Asperger’s to build a successful business despite the interpersonal issues that come with the syndrome. Imagine having a neurological abnormality that hinders your natural abilities to understand [...]

Sharkpreneur with Christi Anne of Practical Happiness Living

Christi Anne of Practical Happiness Living went from teaching yoga to teaching autistic children to being an intimacy architect. She advocates for bringing more intimacy into your life, not just superficial surface connections, but to get deeper and to allow yourself to be vulnerable, all the while clearly defining personal boundaries and limitations [...]

Blockchain Technology With Agora Financial’s Chris Daigle

Chris “Doctor” Daigle’s company, Agora Financial is widely considered the largest newsletter publisher in the world, and one of the most brilliant marketing companies as well. It was true marketing history when Agora Financial sparked the first direct response digital boom in 2002. Now having been Director of Business Development [...]

Kevin Harrington Brings Zig Ziglar Into The 21st Century with John Nemo

  How do you, as a salesman, solve people’s problems? One of Zig Ziglar’s philosophies is the ultimate mentality shift that instead of trying to close the sale and get that one-time sale, make it about how to start a lifetime relationship. You have to realize that it's not always [...]

Celebrity Branding: Positioning Yourself To Your Target Market with Nick Nanton

  There are so many people who want to get into music that they'll do anything. They'll sell their soul just to talk to the right guy. The barrage of input that they get at record labels and all these places is too much to go through and most of [...]

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