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Doing a little bit of social media, Anthony Franck started to realize there so much more to it than just ranking pages on Google and YouTube. He thought there has to be a better way to help all the local business owners grow their business and make their marketing better. Anthony interviewed some of the top experts from around the world, everyone from Alex Mandossian to Alex Charfen, Dr.Ben Adkins, JP Sears, and more, that’s exceptionally good at what they do, asking them questions and getting them to share their best stuff. Anthony says building your own authority is all about you. They created the Authority Maker Bootcamp as an opportunity for people to get more clients, exposure and visibility, and to meet the right people and building relationships with them.

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The Authority Maker Anthony Franck

I have the good fortune to be joined by Anthony Franck of BetterMarketingMondays.com and the event host of the Authority Maker Bootcamp. Anthony, thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for having me.

Let’s go back in time a little bit. What was the impetus behind Better Marketing Mondays?

I came from doing a little bit of social media and my mentor taught me SD on WordPress. I started to realize there is so much more to it than just ranking pages on Google and YouTube. There has to be a better way to help all these local businesses owners apply what we do in this busy odd space like marketers. Help these local people that have a small employee stack in a small company and grow it. Make their marketing better. I figured at the end of the week where we’re going to deliver it on Monday. Might as well just squeeze that in since BetterMarketingMondays.com was available.

Obviously, people have psychological issues with Monday. You’re making it better. You are giving them something to look forward to. What is Better Marketing Mondays for our listeners and viewers who don’t know?

We’ve interviewed some of the top experts from around the world, over 70 interviews. Everybody from Alex Mandossian to Alex Charfen. There are so many great ones, Dr. Ben Adkins and JP Sears. It’s all about getting somebody great that’s exceptionally good at what they do on the show, asking them five questions and getting them to share their best stuff. That’s really what it’s all about. Given that to the audience that they can take some nuggets away from every episode. Go and take action and get results with it.

You’ve done over 70. What are some of the biggest takeaways you’ve learned?

Consistency is key. If you want to build a tribe, you need to be more consistent with everything you’re doing. If you want to have a show, it should be consistent. I’ve learned that can either make or break how well you’re doing in any one thing you’re pushing forward on.

SP Anthony Franck | Authority Maker

Authority Maker: Consistency is key. If you want to build a tribe, you need to be more consistent with everything you’re doing.

Tell us you’ve got an awesome event. I am shamelessly biased because I am one of your speakers. What is the Authority Maker Bootcamp?

The Authority Maker Bootcamp was born out of necessity and a need in the marketplace. I spoke four years ago about Facebook ads in front of a room of 90 people. The lecture was so awesome. Everybody had a really great time. After it was all over, I had gotten the video. The video quality was cloudy and audio was terrible and the lighting was bad. What a wasted opportunity to have. I have this great piece of content, but I don’t have any good way to present it. Then I started to realize what does everybody need that wants to get more clients? They need more exposure and visibility. They need to meet the right people. They need to build a relationship with those people. They need to be learning from the market leaders, what’s going on and where they would be looking and moving towards.

They also need the opportunity. Some of them do speak on the stage or to leverage being interviewed just like this that we’re doing. We created an event where all of that can happen for them in the weekend. You’re a part of it. Many great talented people agreed to be a part of it. It’s all about helping people get from wherever they are now to that next step. If that means getting more paid speaking gigs because you want to speak as a profession or if it means getting more paid speaking gigs so you can speak to your way into more clients. You can be the authority, the expert, the go-to person in your local community that people turn to as the one that they want to either work with, recommend or refer or all three of the above.

That’s what the event was all built on. The premise of, “Let’s make sure that we get the top talent. People that know everything from selling high ticket contracts to building communities, to podcasting, to publishing bestselling books. Get them all here and build referral networks.” Many great people to get them all here and teach everybody in the audience exactly what it takes and provide them the ability to go away from it. Not only inspired and motivated, but with the puzzle pieces that they need to market their business. Whether that’s them speaking on stage and getting recorded, whether that’s having been interviewed in getting a transcript for that or being a part of the event as a volunteer and making means. Whatever that is for them to be able to take that and leverage it. The transfer of trust, the relationship, the credibility, that’s what it’s all about. Building your own authority is all about you or I or anybody listening. That’s what we created, the Authority Maker Bootcamp. The opportunity for two days to come get it all done and get home enough. Not only be motivated, but half of what you need to go forward and get results.

Who should attend the Authority Maker Bootcamp?

Anybody that’s an author or wanting to get a book published. This is a great event for you. There’s going to be an opportunity for you to get a book published. Become the international bestselling author. Anybody that wants to get more exposure and visibility. Our podcasting staff is going to be there to show you how to do that, how he’s done it and how you can do it. Anybody that wants to get more speaking gigs might partner or that partner on this form like Michaels Harris’. He started speaking a little over a year ago. He’s gotten himself over 112 paid speaking gigs.

Some of his clients are Whirlpool, Say Yes Chicago and he does it all with thumbtack. He’s teaching everybody exactly how he does that system, how to get speaking gigs fast and get paid for that. Michael Griffiths is coming from Australia. Anybody that’s an entrepreneur that wants to grow their business. He’s coming from Sydney to show everybody how he uses referral marketing and how he creates referral networks, Super Aids and affiliate partnerships with people that can lead to getting more leads and generate more sales in your business without buying. Anybody that wants to grow their business that’s already an entrepreneur and author, a trainer or coaches, this is the event for you.

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Who are some of the speakers you’re most excited to hear from?

I’m super excited about Darrell Stern. He helped a local business owner that was a mechanic turned that business upside down with YouTube video rankings and blow up so many great people and talented people. I’m going to be sharing how I made five figures on Facebook, I’m excited about that without buying any ads, without a ranting page above it all. I’m really excited about Stephen Larsen from ClickFunnels is speaking. He’s going to unpack his brain. He’s going to show us their best funnels. The ones that they’ve pumped millions of dollars through and tested and proven work. He’s going to share all of that. James Smiley is going to be speaking. He’s going to be sharing how he lands big six and seven figure contracts for himself and how everybody in the crowd can leverage and do that too. Looking forward to both of them as well.

I know Darrell. I’m always excited to see his amazing YouTube content. We are a longtime partner of Click Funnels. Russell’s been on the show twice, so excited to see what Stephen has to say. Those guys are the masters at that four-year insanely irresistible braindead. Anthony, thank you so much for being on the show. Thanks so much for having me speak.

Thank you. It was an honor to be here in the podcast.

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