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The secret to success is to condition your mind for the success and put in ten times the effort than most people. That’s what Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, talks about. Grant Cardone is a bestselling author, speaker, sales trainer, entrepreneur, and real estate guru who’s worked with Fortune 100 companies like Google, Wells Fargo, and Ford. Grant says the real money makers aren’t all doing Facebook and aren’t necessarily writing books. They are the ones out there getting busy while other people are doing TV shows. Grant talks about the 10X Growth Conference and being at the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas shooting.

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The 10X Rule: Unlocking The Secrets To Success with Grant Cardone

On this episode, we have none other than Mr. Grant Cardone, the bestselling author of The 10X Rule, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, as well as a bunch of whole other bestselling books. He’s a sales trainer, speaker, and an entrepreneur. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies like Google, Wells Fargo, and Ford. He is also the owner of the Whatever it Takes Network, a digital network for entrepreneurs, business owners, and success-minded people where he hosts, directs, and executive produce these programs that help people do whatever it takes to create success in their lives. Grant, thank you so much for joining us.

Seth, thank you so much.

Grant, there’s one missing link to that that resume and I understand. You’re the power of Grant Cardone. Grant owns thousands of pieces of units in the real estate marketplace and that’s one of his pride and joys. That’s special to be able to be a real estate guru also, Grant. Everyone knows you from a lot of the stuff on the internet, but this real estate business is very exciting for you and it’s been a very profitable side of your business too.

It’s probably the thing I’m most proud of. Beyond my beautiful wife, that you got to spend some time within the casino. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, the businessman wants trophies. The businesswoman, they’re trying to accomplish their own thing other than just money. The real estate we have about $700 million worth of real estate that I personally own. I want to double that in the next twelve to fifteen months. That’s probably the biggest business acumen starting off from a young clothing salesman. I was paid 6% for a pair pants or a suit.  Where I’d like to start is you and I had had an adventure recently. I love adventures.

SP Grant Cardone | The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

I’ll set the tone and then Grant can finish it off. There’s a big event Seth, we were at called Thrive in Las Vegas. Cole Hatter put on an amazing event. There were a thousand plus people. Grant and I were up and his wife Elena had a great weekend. Then there was a closing party at the Mandalay Bay Foundation Room. Grant was hosting for all of his friends and it’s also tied into his real estate program that he’s got a fund that he’s putting together there. I said, “I got to go to that closing party.” There we were, recently the night of the shooting obviously in Las Vegas. A terrible tragedy that event, but Grant myself and you had about 100 plus people there, didn’t you Grant?

Two days before I said, “I’m in Vegas. If you’re interested in investing in real estate with me, we opened a fund just a month ago.” I made it hard for people to come. “If you have $100,000 liquid ready to go and you want to invest with me, come to this party. I’m hosting it. The top of Mandalay Bay, the top floor.” We didn’t know. We were seven floors above the shooter. I had lived seven floors below him for four days and we had a party. At 10:05 I went up to Harrington. I said, “Let’s go play some poker down in the casino.” I left Captain Ryan, my pilot, with about 75 guests. Me, Kevin, my wife and seven other people went down to the casino and we set up a poker table to place in Hold’em poker. Kevin won the firsthand, because my boy Johnny, the camera guy, was trying to bluff Harrington with a pair of junk fours.

Kevin had a pair of aces and the next thing I know, literally while the hand was going down, all of a sudden the energy in the casino changed. People started talking, employees started moving around. You could feel it. Then I opened up my Twitter feed while I’m watching Kevin take down the firsthand. My boy, Johnny, he’s a bluffer. I open my Twitter feed and what do I see? “Active shooters, Mandalay Bay.” This thing gets intense because we don’t hear anything yet. My wife immediately goes into her tactical defense training, which she’s had a bunch of. She’s at three-gun shooter contests. She knows how to take care of herself. She starts looking for spaces for us to move to because one of the things that people do in situations like this and me and Kevin did a little bit of it, which is, “It’s not going to happen to me. I need a hand. Let’s play a hand. Nothing’s happening and I don’t hear any gunshots yet.” We don’t know it, but 30 floors above us this guy’s dropping 1,500 rounds into 22,000 people or so we’re told.

We don’t know what’s happening. Then the crazy thing is that Twitter now lights up. “30 active shooters, Mandalay, Bellagio, Luxor, New York, New York.” The whole strip was under attack. All this misinformation. We’re all looking at each other saying, “What are we going to do here? There’s definitely a situation going on.” Kevin didn’t know it but I was carrying concealed in the casino, which by the way some people frown on. That’s a whole another story. My wife grabs this private door to this back access. We all dip into it and then then we go into hiding for the next eleven hours.

Yes, we went from there to another room to a wait room and eventually we had a little bit of luck. We got into the employee break room or something where they got some eggs and biscuits. This guy checked in. He was there for anywhere from three to six days before he started shooting with the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on his door. He said they immediately go into investigation after twelve to fourteen hours of ‘Do not disturb’ and he said the maid will bring security into that room and they’re going to want to find out what the hell’s going on. By the time you get to day two, day three, there may have been a shootout and there may have been a maid and a security guy killed but it may not have got to the rest of the outside at that point, but that’s an interesting thing to know that Steve Wynn is already planning ahead for these things.

It’s interesting because I’ve always told my wife, Judge Jeanine from Fox News, I was on a phone, “Why did you carry you into that hotel?” I said, “Number one, it’s a residence. I’m renting a residence. Number two, Nevada law supersedes casino laws.” In the State of Nevada, it’s a concealed carry state so I have the right to protect myself. Kevin Harrington, myself, and my wife were trapped in rooms. There were three different rooms we were moved to for almost eleven hours. I did not see one guarded armed policeman in eleven hours. Folks all of you that think, “I’m in a casino, they’re going to protect me. I’m in this place and they’re going to protect me.” There was nobody to protect us. Kevin, when you checked out of the hotel, did anybody investigate you on the way out?

I was staying at the Encore because I had an event. I had my ERA Conference at the Encore, so I was never a guest at the Mandalay. Did they check you?

They didn’t check anybody. We were in a crime scene. Nobody’s covered this anywhere on TV. If I have a crime scene in your office, nobody’s leaving the scene. They’re going to tape it up and everybody’s going to get investigated. Why was no one questioned?

[Tweet “One of the things that people do in situations is say, “It’s not going to happen to me.””]

Too many people?

It’s not about too many people. It’s about, “Who knows about this crime? The crime is too big. It’s a weird deal. There are a lot of things to me that aren’t answered in this deal. Are you a hunter Kevin? When you go hunting, do you bring 26 weapons with you?


You bring three or four with you. You go fishing. That guy’s room looked more like a store. It looks like a place where you’re selling guns, not using guns.

It had to take him eight or ten trips to get all that luggage filled with ammo and machine guns or whatever he had.

It all came from a retail because I’ve been in retail most of my life, that looked like a store to me. It looked like he was selling guns, not using guns. Then the fact that I leave the hotel and nobody says, “Grant Cardone, come over here.” I’m telling my wife, “We’re going to be out of here by about 8:30 in the morning, but then there’s probably going to be another six or seven hours where they investigate everybody.” There’s no way they’re going to let Kevin Harrington, the Infomercial King, leave the hotel without checking his radical ties to Islam. We know he’s connected to something.

They said, “Goodbye. Good luck.” That was it. We all took off.

Why? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

That never even hit me. I think you’re going to see some changes in Vegas because for one shooter to take the whole city down like that is pretty devastating. The dollars that town lost in one day, I would think now if anything they’d given the real radical people an idea of things they can do to take cities down pretty easily.

That’s what I’ve always told my wife, “If they ever find out what you’re carrying in this casino, they’re going to be upset.” I said, “I’d rather be upset and know I can defend myself and it’s not against the law. I want to be able to defend myself. Those are open soft targets of mass proportions.” This is what Steve Wynn was saying too. He knows that’s an open, very soft target. It’s very vulnerable. I’ll continue to go to Vegas. I want to know that me and my wife were in a position and my friends can defend themselves.

SP Grant Cardone | The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule: The real money makers aren’t doing Facebook. The real money makers aren’t necessarily writing books.

Grant, a couple things we want to hit really quick. Number one, you’ve got your amazing real estate business. We talked a little bit about it, but for accredited investors that may be are out there listening, you’ve had some great success. You’re going to be doubling your portfolio here. That’s something that people can get in on. Then I know you’ve got a big event coming up, The Big 10X.

It’s 10X Growth Conference. You were at my first one, Kevin. You’ve spoken to a lot of deals. I don’t know how many thousands of gigs you’ve spoken at, but this is an entrepreneurial conference. The first day is what I’m known for because it sets the stage where it’s billion dollar producers. These are self-made people that nobody even knows about. Daymond John said, “Your first day, nobody knows any of those speakers.” I say, “They’re too busy making money. They’re out there freaking stacking paper while you’re doing a TV show.” The real money makers aren’t doing Facebook, just so everybody knows. The real money makers aren’t necessarily writing books. I had guys last year, one guy, Bobby Castro did $150 million last year, couldn’t get out of college. He doesn’t even have a Facebook page. He’s like, “Grant, I don’t have time for that. I’m out making money.” I’m bringing together those people that aren’t on TV, that nobody knows. They are self-made individuals that have built literally the first day $5 million in sales last year.

It’s at the famous Mandalay hotel.

People are like, “Are you going to go back to the Mandalay?” I said, “I’d go back to Mandalay right now. I can get my room free right now.” By the way, nobody was hurt at Mandalay Bay just so everybody knows. They were hurt at the concert across the street.

You’re going to have a great event. We had a team of guys down there and I don’t know if you made it Seth, but with the caliber and quality of the attendee was unlike any that I’ve seen. Also, it was thousands. I think it was 2,200 people. These people, some of them paid thousands of dollars if not $10,000 I think for some.

$15,000 is the top ticket.

When you’ve got a room with thousands of people that have paid up to $15,000 to attend, you’ve got one of the most solid rooms of high quality people in whatever business you’re in, those are the kinds of people you want to network with.

I agree with you. Seth knows this too. The speaker doesn’t change the audience. The audience has got to be good. The problem with the Learning Annex, the Learning Annex would do like, “Send as many people as you want for $99.” It’s why I don’t do Section 8 Government Housing. I don’t want people getting something for free. What we did with our conference, unlike other conferences, is we don’t do free tickets. We don’t do the $99 tickets. The cheapest ticket in the room was $500. It’s a three-day event, they got to pay a hotel, they got to fly across the country, and they paid $500 to be there. Some people paid $15,000. You get a good audience. I didn’t pay Kevin to come speak. I didn’t pay Daymond John to come speak. I didn’t pay anybody. I said, “I’m going to give you the best audience you’ve ever spoken to in your life. If you have a product to sell then we can sell them a product because all these people want help. Everybody wants to do better in this room.” More events are going to start doing that if people have the courage to market like that as opposed to doing a free event.

Grant, this episode will be short and sweet but we got your energy, we get your story out.

Seth, thank you so much for having me.

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