Monthly Postcard Campaign

You need to send a
Monthly Postcard campaign that alternates between warm fuzzy and hard ask marketing.

First let’s define the terms

Warm & fuzzy marketing is a marketing piece that doesn’t ask for anything. It’s sole goal is to get your prospect or clients think warm and fuzzy thoughts about you, hence the name. So what’s an example? Let’s say it’s Valentine’s Day. A warm fuzzy Valentine’s Day piece would be a postcard that says, ” happy Valentine’s Day! We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we love serving you.” You see how that works? Most people don’t get too many Valentine’s Day cards at all, and certainly not from business’s like yours. So It will stand out and get them thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about you,

So what’s a hard ask campaign?
One that ask for something. Business, referrals, attendance at an event, etc. So a Valentines day example would be, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Who do you know at church who doesn’t love their financial advisor? Here’s two free copies of our new book, one for you and one for your church friend.”

How often do you do each one? We’ve tested this hundreds of times and the best formula is 2:1. 2 months of warm fuzzy followed by one month of hard ask. So January would be happy new year warm fuzzy, February would be happy Valentine’s Day warm fuzzy and march would then be a hard ask campaign. You have to do two months of warm fuzzy first, to earn the right to do the hard ask. If you try it the other way it will backfire and people will either stop opening your mail, or take their business somewhere else. Do it right and you will get new business every quarter!