Attention Business Owners:

Do you get overwhelmed with all of the ways to grow your business?

There are 11,000 new business books published every year.
There are 60,000 podcasts with more launching every day.
If you search digital marketing in YouTube there are 5.4 million results…
Who has time to keep up with it all?

We do!


We are Market Domination LLC, and our founder Seth Greene is the Co-host of the Sharkprenuer Podcast with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and a Best-Selling Author with 7 marketing books. Plus his latest book Market Domination for Podcasting is on the shelves of Barnes & Noble now.

He is the only person in history to be nominated by legendary marketing guru Dan Kennedy for his prestigious marketer of the year award three years in a row.
Seth has been featured on Inc. magazine along with the Alphabet Soup of Media.

Imagine having a team of direct response marketing experts who are voracious consumers of content on your side.
Imagine having a team that reads 30 newsletters a month.
Imagine having a team that listens to podcasts every single day.
Imagine having a team that interviews a thought leader/expert every day, and has done over 306 interviews in the expert episodes.
Imagine having a team that watches hours of instructional video every day.

Most of the name gurus you follow are friends of ours, or JV partners, or they’ve been on our show, or they’ve spoken on stage with Seth – so we get all their products free…

We literally have storage units full of it.
How do we have time to consume it all?

We read really fast.
We listen fast.
We watch fast.
We have amazing memories.
We don’t sleep much.
And we do it together.

So, since we’re doing all the work already, we thought we would share it with you and save you some time.

Join our cutting-edge marketing mastermind group and we will keep you on the cutting edge in a fraction of the time every month.

What do you get when you join CEMM?

Every month you get our cutting-edge marketing box.

It includes:

  • One of our favorite business, marketing, or personal development books.
  • A 20-30-minute audio cd of our favorite interview the expert call.
  • A DVD with 2-3 hours of teaching you the best of what’s working in business, marketing, or personal development for us and our clients.

Enroll in CEMM and cancel your other subscriptions!

  • You don’t need all those newsletters, because we’re reading them for you.
  • Stop listening to podcasts (except Seth’s) because We’re listening to them for you.
  • Stop watching YouTube videos, we got you covered.
  • Stop buying products and programs, because we get them all.

Plus if you enroll today you will also get access to the digital version of the audio cd and DVD inside our membership site.
Plus we will let you into our private membership group to network and ask questions.
Plus, Seth will do a live ask me anything FB live stream every month for members only.
We have 93 smart entrepreneurs and marketers who are members already.

If you are one of the next 107 members you will get a special discount off our regular price, plus for the first three months we will send you a swipe and deploy campaign you can use in your own business to drive new customers or more referrals right away. That by itself can pay for your whole membership for the year!

So, free yourself from marketing overwhelm while staying on the cutting edge.

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