The Advisor Victim Mentality

Do you feel like a victim?

Do you feel unjustly persecuted?

As an advisor, that mentality is a lot more common than you think.

We’ve got (maybe) compliance trying to prevent us from helping our clients or growing our practices.

We’ve got the DOL trying to make our lives difficult.

We might have a branch manager who hasn’t seen a new idea in 20 years.

We’ve got other advisors trying to steal our clients away.

A stock market filled with irrational exuberance.

Broker Dealer’s and Product companies cutting payouts and commissions.

Clients who don’t appreciate what we do and don’t refer like they should.

It’s enough to drive an advisor crazy.

Or at least drive an adviser to drink (or want an occasional prescription anti-stress medication).

Ask me how I know.

And it’s not something that’s ever really talked about in our industry.

Rates of stress related diseases and divorce are much higher than the broader population.

I would like to suggest its’ something that needs to be addressed.

Here’s the good news.

You are not alone.

Not anymore.

We all feel like that at times, regardless of our production level.

The corner office doesn’t make it all go away. Sometimes it makes it worse.

I’m calling on advisors and insurance agents to speak out.

Speak out against the stress, the fear, the anxiety, the frustration, and the overwhelm that go with being an insurance agent or financial adviser.

That’s why I am conducting a free video conference for the first 50 advisors / agents who sign up.

Nothing will be sold at all.

We’re just going so share our stress, our trials, our tribulations, our struggles AND our successes.

Most importantly, we are going to brainstorm ways to deal with all of this.

Again – it’s 100% free, but our Zoom account can only hold 50 people.

If you want in, fill out the form below!