Does your marketing need to be impeached?

Are “they” obstructing you getting your message out?

Are they abusing their power by charging you too much per click? Per view?  Per like?

Don’t focus so much on what’s wrong, that you forget to actually solve the real problems facing your business.

If you are doing over one million dollars in revenue, and you want us to “Pelosi” your current marketing in favor of some that gets results, I’ve got an “ethical” bribe for you.

Book a 15 minute marketing strategy session with me and I will pay for your 3 night, 4 day stay at a 5 star hotel in Las Vegas or Orlando, regardless of if you hire us or not.

Don’t schedule a call just to get the free hotel stay ($500+ value), only do it if you are serious about impeaching your marketing and getting much better results in 2020.

Here is the link to book a time in January 2020:


Talk to you next year.

Seth Greene