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Seth Greene
Seth GreeneCEO
The Ultimate Marketing Magician.
Bruce Corris
Bruce CorrisCOO
Known as “Bruce Almighty.” Copy writing genius and client relation specialist.
Kristin Watt
Kristin WattVisual Marketing Director
With an eye for perfection, Kristin dedicates herself to providing clients with visual designs reflecting their brand and vision.
Laura Pena
Laura PenaDirector of Customer Experience
With a passion for client satisfaction, Laura is responsible for ensuring we provide a highly personalized and predictive experience by tracking, overseeing, and optimizing all customer interactions.


Beyond Candid with Seth & Rebecca Greene

Seth will tell you, he wouldn’t be where he is without the love and support of his wife and soulmate Rebecca. During this Mastermind, Seth and Rebecca shared “The Hot Seat”, and shared the inside scoop in a candid conversation.

Racing to the Top

In marketing, if you aren’t in the fast lane, you aren’t in the race. Our team and clients put their skills and competitive juices to the test in this high-speed Mastermind at Pole Position Race Course.

Empty Your Financial Head Trash

Take out the trash! (between your ears) Your business grows only as fast as you do. You have beliefs you don’t realize which are limiting you. In this enlightening and emotional Mastermind, Seth showed how cutting them loose can set you free.

Confronting Your Fears

What does jumping off a tower and zip lining over trees & water have to do with marketing? Doing that, facing obstacle courses in the forest, and other team building exercises made this Mastermind productive and a lot of fun.
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